Corporate Social Responsibility

Police Procurement North West Responsible Procurement Pledge


Police Procurement North West comprises of the following strategic forces:

  • Cheshire Police
  • Cumbria Constabulary
  • Greater Manchester Police
  • Lancashire Constabulary
  • Merseyside Police
  • North Wales Police

Police Procurement North West (PPNW) employs approximately 40 staff that collectively has responsibility for the procurement of a wide range of goods, services and works across the region to support operational policing.

It is essential that we along with other public sector bodies take our responsibilities for the way we conduct ourselves in business activities seriously and to this end are in the process of developing policies and procedures that will support Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) effectively.

What is Responsible Procurement?

There are many definitions of the term, however we have adopted one that we consider will engage the communities that we serve from a procurement perspective and is laid out below;

“Responsible Procurement is the continuing commitment by Police Procurement North West to behave in a responsible and ethical manner that will contribute to and support the local economy, encourage growth and improve quality without compromising the environment either for our own generation or our children’s as they follow us”

How will this be achieved?

We need to accept responsibility for our actions, CSR is about being aware of the impact of our activities have on the communities and environment we work in and taking radical steps to reduce any negative effects.

We will be developing responsible initiatives that will be generic to all of the individual forces within the PPNW so that there will be a real commitment from the procurement community to the people of the North West Region and the environment in which they live.

What will we be doing?

First and foremost we will be positive in our approach to the way we conduct business and consider the elements in which we operate namely;

  • Our own work environment (energy consumption, sustainable sources)
  • Our own work environment (energy consumption, sustainable sources)
  • The Community where we are located (Diversity, respect, ethics)
  • The local environment (pollution, noise, emissions)
  • Help the local economy

Where are we up to?

We believe in being positive and to this end the following initiatives have been put in place to support the launch of PPNW on April 1st 2010;

  • Dedicated Staff to develop sustainable initiatives and respond to demands
  • Monitoring progress against realistic targets
  • Collaboration with other Local Authorities
  • Responding to Freedom of Information requests
  • Incorporating a Procurement Pledge
  • Being open and honest in way we do business through organisational values

What have we achieved so far?

CSR is not new to PPNW and we have already achieved the following:

  • Developed an Environmental Purchasing Guide
  • Participated in a number of “Meet the Buyer” events across the region
  • Use 100% recycled envelopes
  • Use 80/20 recycled paper
  • Use Electronic Tendering in place of old paper-based system
  • The use of hand pumps in place of aerosols where possible.
  • We avoid the use of bleach and look wherever possible to source environmentally friendly alternatives
  • Uniform that is returned is recycled via a 3rd party who either uses it to make into rags or sells on to 3rd world countries.
  • Information on what to consider from an environmental point are featured in the how to write specification documents.
  • A suppliers' CSR position is included in the evaluation of tenders.
  • Utilities consumption is monitored and managed more professionally
  • Use of local web sites for tender advertisements, i.e. Value Wales and OGC supplier web page.

What we hope to achieve in the future?

We will be working towards developing strategies that will influence the way we procure through the following processes;

  • A Sustainable Action Plan (SAP)
  • Sustainable Risk Assessment (SRA)
  • Sustainable Procurement Assessment Framework (SPAF)
  • Reduction of packaging
  • Reduction in energy consumption

By complying with the guidance laid down in the above processes the ultimate aim will be to achieve a recognised Environmental Management System (EMS) such as ISO 14001 or BS5888.

Legal Requirements

The following main legal requirements must be adhered to during the procurement process:

  • The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations 2006 ("the WEEE Regulations")


CSR is an integral part of Police procurement activities. The PPNW will continually strive to develop best practice in terms of CSR.

If you have comments on the Responsible Procurement Pledge, please contact procurement@nthwales.pnn.police

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